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I coach women, who have spent decades in PURSUIT of HAVING it ALL – education, career, love, marriage, home, family, and money. And now that they have it, or mostly have it – they realize that they have completely lost themselves in the process.


I know you’ve worked hard to create and maintain this life.

You have THE BEST intentions.

And you’re struggling.

Your motivation and inspiration to keep pursuing, taking risks and stepping outside of your comfort zone used to be effortless and easy. And now you are confronted with feelings of fear, doubt and lack of confidence.

Finding time to prioritize your needs, feels daunting, confusing and impossible. Perhaps, you have forgotten what your needs, wants and desires even are.

You have trouble asking for help because you have always been able to figure things out and do it all.

It has become way too easy to detach, tune out and ignore YOU.

And that really scares you.

You want to change this – but the negative self-talk, procrastination, and fear keep you spinning your wheels and stuck in the same place.

You’re tired of the guilt and shame, for not living up to more of your potential.

And you’re also sick of listening to yourself complain about it.

The impact is taking a toll on your sense of self-worth, your identity, your relationships and your career.

It’s now impossible to ignore.


I can show you how to reconnect with what truly matters, so you can re-ignite your self-love, self-care, and self-confidence.

I can teach you how to re-prioritize your needs and desires in harmony with those around you, so you can experience the abundant rewards of this rich, vibrant life you’ve pursued.

I can coach you on how to reframe your good looking life, so you can make it extraordinary.

And how to invest in yourself while you pursue your dreams.

I can show you how to hold steady towards your vision, even when things get challenging.

And to take impeccable care of yourself without feeling selfish and guilty.

I can help you increase your confidence and courage for a significant, positive effect of your life – so you can create more clarity about what you want – making it easier to set goals again, create commitment and consistent follow through for life.

I teach women how to solve today’s challenges while empowering them with self-coaching strategies for a lifetime of success.


Coaching increases your own awareness. We take time to look at your life from the outside, with compassion and non-judgment.

Next coaching teaches you how to get your emotions under your control. Emotional responsibility is absolutely necessary for making sustained forward progress.

Finally, coaching demands that you take action. Together, we create your commitments and a follow-through plan for your desired results.


As your coach, I don’t require that we unpack your past or try to make sense of your childhood.

My focus is on where you are right now and where you would like to be in your future. We invest our energy and attention in the present.

I am a Certified Life Coach. And I am a client of a Certified Master Life Coach.

I’m totally committed and invested in my own personal growth, development, and evolution.

I know this work inside and out. As both the client and the trained coach.


Through my coaching programs, we get to the root cause of what that is holding you back right now, so you can ditch the distractions and externally focused stress, for good.

I help you create the clarity to achieve what you want in your life, with far more ease than you ever imagined.

Most importantly, I give you the tools and strategies you need to coach yourself for the rest of your life, so you can handle whatever comes your way with more love, respect, and confidence.


I work with clients all over the world, by coaching on the phone. These private calls are extremely convenient and provide a high level of confidentiality. It’s conducive to open and honest communication, generating effective action plans and results.

are you ready?

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Six Self-Care Steps to Increase Self-Confidence

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How Life Coaching Changed My Life.

My decision to hire a life coach 5 years ago, completely transformed my life.

I had been in PURSUIT of HAVING it ALL for 24 years straight. And if you looked at my life from the outside, I had everything I had ever wanted. My life looked perfect and I was supposed to be happy. Except, I was miserable!

I was disconnected and detached – over-scheduled and silently suffering. I took care of everyone else. I struggled to ask for what I needed and with asking for any help. I never wanted to risk disappointing others. I desperately wanted to please everyone and make them happy. I was completely stalled out in my own life. I was stuck. And I couldn’t ignore the fact that I knew that I was settling.

I knew I needed to change. And I was terrified to change.

My coach taught me how to overcome that paralyzing fear.

And with her support, I learned how to overcome decades worth of people pleasing and perfectionism. I let go of trying to make everyone else happy – because, I finally learned it wasn’t actually my job. I stopped avoiding failure and quitting when things got hard. I stopped over-spending to manage my difficult and negative emotions.

Coaching helped me reconnect to me – and to stop ignoring what I really wanted – which lead me to make significant changes.

I left my 25-year career and the security of the corporate world. I ended a difficult, 20-year marriage with grace, dignity, and respect. I moved. Twice. I raised my teenage daughter through these transitions with love and without drama. I fell in love at 47 and have created a beautiful life with this amazing man. I went to coach school and I started my own business.

Coaching helped me to do all of this. I figured out what really mattered to me. I learned how to manage my emotions effectively and how to take massive action until I created it.

I am proof that it is never too late to imagine, reinvent and transform yourself – so you can pursue living the life of your dreams!

I became a Certified Life Coach so that I could share my story and help clients learn how to take inspired action from a place of emotional responsibility – to establish accountability for all personal and professional success that can imagine.

I guide my clients to articulate their aspirations, clarify the choices in front of them and establish comprehensive action plans to achieve their goals.

I am passionate about helping others transform their lives to reach their fullest potential.

It is my mission to create a safe and respectful environment in which my clients feel both supported and challenged as they work towards realizing their dreams.

I compassionately encourage my clients to explore beyond their comfort zones.

I celebrate their successes. I support them through the inevitable challenges.

I teach clients how to replace old coping mechanisms and belief systems with new thinking patterns that create a greater alignment with their desired vision, improved clarity, confidence and presence in all areas of their lives.

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Katie Pulsifer is a Certified Life & Weight Coach through The Life Coach School.

She offers the latest, most effective coaching tools and remains on the cutting-edge of this discipline through continued education, training, and practice. She offers a neutral place for clients to share their thoughts and experiences that is free from judgment and reaction. She believes her clients are the experts in their own lives and helps them understand their thinking and they, in turn, discover the best ways to solve their problems, move forward and take action.
[email protected] 207.751.7355.

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