I had been in hot pursuit of having it all for 24 years straight. And if you looked at my life from the outside, I had everything I had ever wanted. My life looked perfect and I was supposed to be happy.

Except, I was miserable!

I was disconnected and detached – over-scheduled and silently suffering. I took care of everyone else. I struggled to ask for what I needed and with asking for any help. I never wanted to risk disappointing others. I desperately wanted to please everyone and make them happy. I was completely stalled out in my own life. I was stuck.

And if I really honest, I knew that I was totally settling. I knew I needed a change. And I was terrified of change.

My life coach taught me how to overcome that paralyzing fear. And with her support, I learned how to overcome decades worth of people pleasing and perfectionism.

I learned to let go of trying to make everyone else happy – because, I finally learned it wasn’t actually my job. I stopped avoiding failure and quitting when things got hard. I stopped over-spending to manage my difficult and negative emotions. Coaching helped me reconnect with me – and to stop ignoring what I really wanted – which lead me to make significant life changes. I left my 25-year career and the security of the corporate world. I ended a difficult, 20-year marriage with grace, dignity, and respect. I moved. Twice.

I have raised my teenage daughter through these transitions with love and without drama. I fell in love at 47 and have created a beautiful life with this amazing man. I went to coach school, got certified and I started my own business. Having a coach by my side, helped me see my path forward and get explicitly clear about what I wanted. I learned how to manage my emotions effectively and to take massive action until I got the results I wanted.

And now I want to help you! I am proof that it is never too late to imagine, reinvent and transform yourself – so you can pursue living the life of your dreams! I became a Certified Life Coach so that I could share my story and help clients, like you, learn how to take inspired action from a place of emotional responsibility – to establish accountability for all personal and professional success they can possibly imagine.