Over the course of a year, I worked with Katie on some deep and poignant road blocks. Prior to working together, I was able to identify that I was skimming just below the surface of success but I couldn’t figure out how to break through the layers holding me back. What I didn’t expect from the work we did was to gain a consistent and lasting overall positivity. I didn’t realize how far the work we did would reach into all the areas of my life.
Now, nearly 3 years later, life challenges don’t paralyze me. They invigorate me. I don’t need to react with fear. I pause and respond with a calm dignity, honor, and self respect. If I go backwards in progress, I don’t beat myself up and use it as an excuse to sabotage myself like I used to. I hold myself accountable and redirect my focus and actions.
Perhaps the most fulfilling take away from my work with Katie was the undoing of my negative thinking. I was so used to negativity that I didn’t know it was part of my blueprint. I was able to identify it as the #1 culprit that was holding me back.
It took Katie’s direct communication, consistent guidance and unconditional respect to help me to recognize the consistency of my inner negative dialogue. It was effecting EVERYTHING: from the people I was choosing to spend the most time with, to the food I was putting in my body, to a strong resistance to exercise, and debilitating lack of self respect in my business. Everything was under the influence of my negative thinking. But once I could track it (which was daunting), I was able to pause and take an honest assessment of my inner mental workings. I was able to stop the negativity in the midst and create a new way of communicating with myself. Simply put, I gained control over my mind and therefore control of my success.
I came to Katie looking to transform myself as a business woman and I ended up with a full mind/body transformation. I’ve lost 16 pounds (and counting), I’ve had the best financial year yet running my business exactly how I want to, and I’ve seen more success in my music career than ever before. Essentially, I’m approaching life from a place of love, not fear.
Thank you, Katie, for the loving and direct guidance.

Hannah T. private client

I inquired about coaching with Katie because of needing some career direction and tools to process a total romantic relationship fail. I was indecisive, stuck, repeating old and unhelpful patterns, having trouble weighing/prioritizing different aspects of decisions. I was frustrated, discouraged, annoyed with myself, impatient and anxious. It felt like I was spinning – considering the same things over and over and not making progress. And I was literally being kept up at night- unable to manage the anxiety effectively and it was taking a real toll on my health.

I had some concerns about the cost and value of coaching, but after attending a webinar that Katie taught I found her approach very helpful and practical and the realization that I needed to do something different.

During our coaching, I gained a few really big and profound insights into how my thinking/behavior was not enabling me to be my best self. Some highlights included practicing self-possession and not needing to share everything, that thoughts generate feelings and thoughts are controllable, that decisions should be made and course corrections applied as needed, and that everyone is really just doing what they need to do for themselves which is entirely ok. I’m still practicing applying them consistently but when I do they really make a difference. And most importantly, after coaching with Katie, I feel like I back on track.

Elizabeth M. private client

Katie is a first-rate life coach, and I have worked with some of the best in the industry. She is highly compassionate, very articulate, intuitive, and deeply intelligent. She has a gentle way about her that makes it easy to open up and go to the scariest places. She helped me reveal and unblock some of my deepest fears around mothering, things I’ve been working on for years. I can’t recommend her enough!

Kirstin H. private client

Working with Katie gave me a whole new perspective in regard to understanding how to move forward with my business and brand. I had a shift in perspective, a breakthrough in how I perceived my self in my business and was able to free up mental constraints that were keeping me from moving forward…and that was all in the first 3 hour session!

From there, I had a series of positive events occur that week that were unexpected yet in total alignment with the work we did in my session. Just as much as I felt comfortable calling her to share my excitement about these events I also felt safe sharing my fears and insecurities about moving forward with my business in the session. I highly recommend scheduling a session with Katie and once you do, get ready to move forward and get free!

Alice R. private client

I met with Katie after months and months of trying to figure out what path to take my career in. My only wish is that I had done it sooner! With Katie’s help, I was able to look at scenarios from a different perspective and from a much more positive place. I’m not only able to bring these tools to my professional life, but all areas of my life. Katie has helped me organize goals and daily schedules to keep me on task towards my desired future. After our immersion session I feel more focused, driven, and clear in making decisions for my future and what I need to do to get there!

– Miranda C. private client

Katie is deeply passionate about the skills and techniques she coaches, as well as genuinely enthusiastic and devoted to her client’s development. She offers a dynamic blend of empathy, accountability, humility and demonstrated mastery of the subject matter and like any great coach should do, is willing to transparently and generously share her own experience in applying these skills. Also, Katie has the ability to tailor intelligently and compassionately to any person’s unique circumstance or life journey, within a group or individual setting. In doing so, she empowers her clients a pathway to discover self-love, personal freedom and true happiness.

Hester W. private client

Katie was wonderful and encouraging. She made me feel comfortable in sharing what I needed help with without judgment. She was compassionate and offered great advice. I am on my way to becoming a better version of myself that before her, I wasn’t quite sure how to get there!

Laura T. private client

For many years I prided myself on my ability to “do it all”. I was a wife, mother and friend with a successful full-time career. I dutifully lived my life by the rules, intently focused on pleasing others. No matter what was asked of me or how hectic my life had become I always found a way to get it all done and more. It wasn’t until an unexpected life changing event, several months ago, forced me to take a hard look at my life. I was on auto pilot and never noticed that I had become unhappy and unfulfilled in the life I had worked so hard to create. I was not being truthful with myself.

When I first started working with Katie I was surprised to learn how little time I spent thinking about what I really wanted in my life. I was too busy living my life according to other’s expectations that I never took a step back to ask myself if this was the life of my dreams. Katie compassionately and without judgement showed me how to think differently about myself and my life. Katie’s approach is supportive and intuitive yet she holds me accountable to do the hard work so I can show up differently in my life. She gave me tools and showed me how to use them. Through our work together I have identified what I truly want out of my life and how to never settle for less than I deserve.

I learned how to set boundaries in all areas of my life and to find ways to simplify everything. Taking care of myself has become a priority and fear no longer has a grip on me. Because of my work with Katie I feel empowered to set and hold myself to new life goals. With Katie’s continued support and guidance I am creating the life I deserve.

Karen N. private client

I began working with Katie in March 2015 with the hopes of improving my marriage, my business, my body and my overall frame of mind. Within 4 months I can honestly say all areas have improved dramatically. With regards to my marriage, my perspective is much more clear and appreciative. My husband and I have both come to a calmer place of acceptance with each other. Katie has given me homework that I’ve also offered to my husband to consider. We’re currently both in the process of re-writing our individual relationships with money, as we have struggled for years on how to communicate around finances – blaming each other for the stress of simply talking about money.

I now have more hope than ever before that we’ll get to a place of trust, compassion and efficiency in regards to this ongoing money struggle. In my business, I’ve made some big leaps and let go of a lot of unnecessary burdens. I’ve let certain unnecessary aspects of my company go and redirected my focus on the parts that have both financial and fulfilling promise. I felt the relief instantly! I am currently putting a new business plan in place, that will mold my business to work with my life as opposed to trying to fit my life into a business plan. As a family woman, I have constantly struggled with having to choose one over the other. My new business plan is being put in place with this in mind.

That said, I am no longer conducting business by what opportunities come my way, but rather setting my intentions and manifesting my visions into a reality. I have been struggling with my weight for years: yo-yo’ing 20 lbs up and down. In the course of working with Katie, I actually found myself WANTING to do a food cleanse and to let go of refined sugar. I have certainly not been perfect with this, but Katie was been there all along to support my up’s and down’s without judgement… I have lost 16 pounds to date! My mindset has always been to prepare myself for the worst. In the last 4 months, I have seen a dramatic shift in how I look at myself, others and my surroundings.

I am still a work in progress, but negativity is no longer the first and only thought that I see as a fact in any given situation. Who knew I could actually appreciate my wandering mind, my restless creative tendencies, and my need for solitude! I can honestly say that I’ve been able to remain consistent with this work and these shifts because of who Katie has been throughout the process. She has been compassionately direct and humbly encouraging through every move I’ve made. I have felt equal parts supported and held accountable. I have been more honest in this process than I expected, mostly because I hadn’t realized how dishonest I had been with myself over the years.

Katie’s gentle ability to reflect back what she sees and hears is so impressive and healing. It is a powerful inspiration, in terms of finding the courage to make major changes. I am honored to be amidst her guidance.

– Anna P. private client

For years I knew I needed to create change in my life, but fear, denial and procrastination always prevented me from doing anything about it. By most accounts life was okay, but I was never really happy and spinning my wheels in a bad marriage. I was stuck and frustrated. I met Katie 6 months ago and decided almost immediately that I needed her help. If I didn’t get try coaching I’d be in the same place year after year and I couldn’t handle that reality.

Katie leads me to the root causes of my problems and then helps me solve them in a compassionate, but serious way. She’s an incredible listener, she asks the right questions and then holds me accountable. There is no Plan B with Katie. You go after Plan A and nothing gets in your way. It is such a simple philosophy that I ignored for too long. Changing your life takes time and it’s emotional, but Katie pushes you to achieve and succeed. She is the reason why I have found happiness and I will continue to work with her because she has this beautiful gift and good things just keep happening.

– Heather M. private client