Taking impeccable care of myself means that sometimes I have to walk away.

Whether I literally remove myself from a situation – or remove the option to respond in a way that creates more drama.

Sometimes I must consciously quiet my mind – which feels like walking away from negative thoughts.

Sometimes I must silence a negative conversation.

Or stop gossip dead in its tracks.

Or shift bad energy by stepping out of the way, so it passes me by.

When I walk away, I choose not to engage.

Which sometimes is hard for others to understand – as it can feel unfair, rude or disrespectful.

I get that.

And I still walk away.

I do so with love – for myself and for the situation that I am in.

It’s not my job to tell others what to think or say.

Others get to be others. Grownups get to say and do whatever they want.

My only job is to take care of myself (and my daughter) and that means that I get to say and do whatever I want.

I can choose to not give my power away by not engaging in drama, gossip and negativity.

I can risk being misunderstood or talked about.

I can walk away whenever I feel that it is my best option.

Impeccable self-care means I have total freedom.

Freedom to stay empowered.

Freedom to say no.

Freedom to stay silent.

Freedom to walk away, whenever it is my best option.

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