It is so easy to get trapped in this cycle, whether it’s with physical clutter in our homes or mental clutter in our minds. We love to think that there is not enough time to do anything about it. However, if we decide that we want to break the cycle, we can always find a few minutes to clean out a drawer, clean off the countertop, clean out a closet or purge unhelpful thoughts.

Think of the clutter as unnecessary worry and weight that we are choosing to carry around with us. It is triggered by what we think, how we feel and what we see when we look around our homes. It is unnecessary and unhelpful. And just adds more stress to our already busy lives.

We can choose to be less burdened and lighter in our minds and bodies and in our homes. Decluttering our minds allows new thoughts and creative ideas to take shape. Decluttering surfaces and spaces at home allows a sense of peace and calm to prevail, something that we can all benefit from.

My favorite way to release the negative clutter of thoughts is to write them down, to get them out of my mind. Sometimes I find it helpful to throw away the paper afterwards. Sometimes I even burn it. I also like release the negative clutter of thoughts with getting outside for a walk or going to the yoga studio. Feeling overwhelmed is optional, so I try to make things easier on myself with less clutter to distract and overwhelm me. When I put in a little effort to clear my mind or the countertop, it always makes a profound difference in how I feel.

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