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Increasing self-confidence is much easier than you think. I promise. You must first deeply value yourself and own all of who you are – in this moment. You must start to release self-criticism, judgement and end the conversation with yourself that is all about not being enough and waiting for everything to be perfect. Self-confidence is about believing in yourself, no matter what. If you decide to reject yourself rather than believe in yourself, you will always struggle with confidence issues. Increasing self-confidence comes from increasing how you care for yourself – what you think and say about yourself – how you treat yourself. It’s that simple.

No one can make you feel confident. Confidence is not something that you can go out and acquire. Feeling confident is an inside job. It is internal skill to be developed by you and developing this skill takes daily focus and practice.

The best way I know how to do this, is to establish a consistent routine of self-care. I think of self-care as the way I use my thoughts, words and actions to direct my life towards what I want. I can choose to value myself through the thoughts I think and the words I speak, or not. The more deliberate that I am in my thoughts and words, the more compassionate and loving I become – the more intentioned I am about believing in myself. With compassion and love, I can shut down my inner critic, stop rejecting myself and start believing in myself instead. And when my inner critic goes quiet, I release self-doubt and take more action towards what I want in my life. Taking action always builds self-confidence.

For this week, focus on these 3 self-care tips to help boost your self-confidence.

  • Choose kind words to describe yourself, always.
  • Direct your mind towards more loving and compassionate thoughts to inspire feeling more confident
  • Take action from a place of believing in yourself and all your potential

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