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Are you taking good care of yourself?

When I ask my clients this question, I often hear the same version of this answer.

They are in the habit of sacrificing their needs for others and then describe their self-sacrifice as a noble thing. In many ways, some minor sacrifices are necessary to give to your family, as well as to your job. But it is never noble to sacrifice your emotional or physical health in any way for anyone.

One of your responsibilities while on this planet is to take exceptional care of ourselves. Distracting yourself from yourself in order to to handle the problems of everyone else is a cop-out. It’s the way you procrastinate the work of your own life.

It’s your responsibility as a mature adult to take emotional responsibility for yourself and to take care of yourself physically on a regular basis. Other people’s needs cannot be dealt with at the expense of your own…ever.

Now, I want to be clear about something. Credit is due for all of the amazing things that you do. I know that you work exceptionally hard to take of everyone and everything in your life.

I am focusing on the times when you make sacrifices that take a toll on you and then you act as if you don’t have a choice in the matter. I am talking about when you believe you are doing the right thing by giving up on your dreams, goals and needs for the sake of your family. I am talking about a cultural assumption that we have – that in order to be amazing mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, wives, employees, we have to make sure that everyone else has their needs met before we can meet ours.

This assumption is absolutely not true.

There can be a balance.

Taking care of ourselves, while taking care of everyone else in our lives. It is found in loving everyone in our life from a place of self-care. It’s through paying attention to ourselves and growing ourselves, that we set the most amazing example for others in our life.

Yes, I know that your schedule is full. And that your family and your work is very important. Yes, everyone needs you. But you need you too. By putting yourself last, you are ignoring the amazing opportunity that you have while on this planet. You have the opportunity to really get to know yourself. You have the opportunity to take exceptional care of yourself. You have the opportunity to become who you are meant to be. You have the opportunity to develop yourself. To evolve and grow.

So, are you ready to stop neglecting yourself?

Are you ready to quit procrastinating the work of your life?

Are you ready create the balance between your needs and the needs of everyone else in your life?

Remember that sacrificing yourself for others is optional. It is a choice that you no longer have to make because I guarantee that it won’t work for you long-term.

You have a responsibility to you. Your self-care. Your well-being. Your self-love. Your health. Your thoughts. Your feelings. It all deserves your time and attention. It is truly noble to take exceptional care of you. I promise that it will benefit you immensely.

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