Exceptional! Katie is a master of what she teaches and leads by example.

Fear and doubt were holding me back and getting me stuck, and I had no idea how to make the change and where to begin.

Initially, I was hesitant to sign up for coaching because I don’t think I understood what it was and how it worked, and how much it could help. Then there was the issue of giving myself permission to invest the money into myself. But having already spent so much money on my avoidance/self-sabotage/medication on my unhappiness, I moved ahead. I didn’t know if I would “make” the time to do the work. I was unsure I had the ability to make the changes I needed to make.

I saw the future on my current path, which was a continuation of misery and emptiness. I had nothing left to lose because I really had already “lost” so much. I realized that nothing could be more valuable or worthwhile than getting myself back. When I realized that coaching and doing the work of coaching was the only thing needed to feel that way, I was fully on board. I am SO HAPPY that I made the investment!

I am so profoundly grateful for coaching with Katie. It was a lifeline I needed to navigate my way out of a sea of doubt and fear to return to my true self when I’d lost my way. Katie is the most perfect coach for me, having mastering over the content, clear accountability and yet also great compassion and love which I needed. And even after making huge life shifts, the process is a never ending joy that adds a magical quality to life