When I signed up for Katie’s coaching program, I was stuck in a cycle of believing that I wasn’t good enough, thoughts like, I don’t deserve to be happy or be financially fit, etc.

On top of it, I was also really embarrassed to admit that this was my situation.

My favorite part of working with Katie, was knowing that she was always there, sharing in a bad day and helping me to see how I can look at this all in a different way, as well as being there on a great day to share in my accomplishments and to continue to cheer me on! She has a way of making you accountable without making you feel bad about yourself. She has helped me in so many ways!

Since completing the program, I found the courage to raise my prices in my business and to finally charge what I am worth. And because of the almost daily support from Katie and through her encouragement, I was able to do it and feel really good about it!

And my clients are happy to pay my higher rate. I never expected that outcome and I have learned that could have raised my prices long ago, instead of wasting so much time, being so afraid and filled with self-doubt.