You are intelligent and highly motivated. You have a demanding career and also have a family. You like to volunteer and take on a lot of activities outside of the home. You are busy living your life and you have the best intentions. You are totally committed to success in your work and your personal life. And, you’re struggling. Maybe you feel distracted and tired all the time, pulled in a thousand different directions. Maybe you’re trapped in a lifestyle that looks amazing to everyone else, but leaves you feeling empty and depleted. The impact is taking a toll on your sense of self-worth, your identity, in your relationships and perhaps in your professional life.

The Empowered You Workshop is designed specifically for you because I am passionate about helping women like you, find internal connection and life balance again. I love working with women to reframe an already good life and make it great. I coach women in reprioritizing their truest needs and desires in harmony with the needs of those around them, so that they can experience the rewards of a full and vibrant life.

If you are looking for more in your life – presence and connection, intuition and listening to your needs – The Empowered You Workshop will show you how you can have it! Through carefully structured activities; including writing, introspection, group-work and discussion, you will access truth and desire about what is most important to you, gain insight into how you hold yourself back from living a full and rich life, and identify immediate action steps to move you into a place of self love and exceptional self care.

I will teach you my THREE proven success strategies:

1. Managing your Mind – the focus on what you can control, the release of the rest

2. Intention, Celebration, Reframing

3. Self Care that doesn’t feel selfish

Saturday, November 21st | 11-2 pm | Freeport, Maine | ONLY $49 | Healthy refreshments included
Confidence Creation Workshop

“Katie Pulsifer is a compassionately direct and humbly encouraging coach that honors me and my transformation process. She makes me feel equal parts supported and held accountable. She encourages me to be more honest than I expected I could be, mostly because I hadn’t realized how dishonest with myself and disconnected I had become over the years. Katie’s gentle and judgement-free ability to reflect back what she sees and hears is so impressive and healing. It is a powerful inspiration, in terms of finding the courage I needed to make major changes. I am honored and grateful to be amidst her guidance.” – Kimberly