5 Day Challenge Overcome People Pleasing Katie Pulsifer Coaching

Are you making yourself miserable trying to make everyone else happy?

Join me for my FREE 5 Day Challenge. I will teach you how to Break the People Pleasing Pattern.

If you are struggling with some or all of these feelings…

worried all the time







Then the FREE 5 Day Challenge is designed specifically for you!

I created this EASY to follow and EASY to implement 5 Day Challenge, so you can learn how to uncover the root cause of your People Pleasing Pattern and break the cycle for good.

Each day during the Free 5 Day Challenge, you will receive a lesson from me all about the people pleasing pattern and a supporting worksheet that will help you apply the lesson to your specific situation.

The powerful combination of the daily teaching and the daily assignment is exactly what you need to help you move past this negative pattern in your life.

It is one thing to read or hear a great lesson on something your want to change in your life and it is entirely different to be given specific tools and homework to implement the lessons into your life. That is what makes this a great challenge!

5 Days. 5 Lessons. 5 Worksheets.

Designed to help you let go of trying to make everyone else happy at your own expense.

This FREE 5 Day Challenge will teach you how to…

understand where the pattern came from


 connect to yourself in a meaningful way

understand the  importance of unconditional love

 take better care of yourself

 feel better

create your desired results in your life

Like I said, this is an EASY to follow and EASY to implement challenge.

Sign Up below and receive the 5 Days of Lessons and 5 Worksheets.

We begin on 2/6/17 and go through 2/10/17.

The lessons and worksheets are delivered to you via email each morning at 8am EST.

*** I will also do bonus teaching each day on Facebook Live everyday at 9am EST***

The FREE Stop the People Pleasing Pattern 5 Day Challenge starts 2/6/17

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