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Spend six months with me and you will Claim the CLARITY, the CONFIDENCE, the FREEDOM to Create your Best Life.

If you would like to feel more motivated, excited, happy, and successful, this program will literally change how you show up in the world.

But First, A Warning

Before I tell you anymore about my new program, let me make something abundantly clear.
This isn’t one of those programs that you sign up for and then don’t show up for.

And this isn’t a quick fix.

This is the work that has helped me go from hiding out in my life, playing it safe, worrying about what everyone would think, trying to make everything perfect, feeling frustrated and stuck and struggling to total freedom. Literally.

I’m not suggesting that this program is for everyone. Many of the people who read my blog, attend my webinars and workshops and want the results on a deeper level, don’t or won’t apply the tools I teach (especially if they aren’t willing to work hard).

Exactly What You’re Getting

First of all, this isn’t like the other things that you have tried. I don’t rely solely on positive affirmations or use untested processes. The program is created through the actual work I did on my own life and the work that I do every day with my clients. It based on real results.

The tools are simple to learn.

Learning them is not the issue, because I know how smart you are. Intellectually, you understand what I have been teaching you through my blog, webinars and breakthrough sessions.
It’s applying the material that can get more complicated. It’s when you take the ideas and put them to work in your life that you might experience some bumps in the road.

The reason that I know I can help you because I have used these exact processes and tools to help dozens of private clients leave unfulfilling jobs, take better care of themselves, increase their confidence and motivation, make a lot more money, follow through on their goals and improve their relationships.

The only difference between you and my private clients, is that my private clients decided to pursue a coaching relationship to get the extra support and accountability in applying the tools to their lives.

It’s More Than Just Coaching

You can use all the tools I teach you not just to stop bad habits, but to create your own amazing results.
I never thought I would be able to start over in mid-life after the ending of a 20 year marriage and leaving the security of the corporate world. But I did. And that is not even the best part.

The best part is that I did those two very hard things, while also learning how to let go of other people’s approval, to stop driving for perfectionism at all costs and to finally figure how to put my own needs first while also taking incredible care of those I love. But there is still an even better part.

This work taught me exactly how to follow through on what I want most in life. It taught me how to find authenticity, purpose and passion again. And now my life is filled with meaningful love and work.
I know how to set a plan and I follow through. Period. I don’t procrastinate anymore. I don’t lie to myself or make up excuses. I used to always let myself down and now that isn’t even an option.

I have clients who have used my processes and tools to build dream businesses, change jobs, meet new partners, lose weight, eliminate anxiety, and most importantly, develop a healthy relationship with themselves allowing them to make more of a contribution.

When you work with me you will get so much more.

Here is a fraction of what you get

  • A true understanding of how to solve all problems by properly categorizing them and understanding their root cause
  • How to feel negative emotion so you don’t have to avoid or resist it by acting in ways you don’t want to act
  • A new perspective on how much power you have in your life through assuming full emotional responsibility
  • A reliable way to set up your goals and get them done without spending a lot of extra time you most likely don’t have
  • You will lose your fear of confusion, anxiety, anger, apathy and frustration. These emotions are harmless if you know how to manage them
  • A way of awareness that reveals how your thinking creates your feelings and ultimately your results and how to change it
  • A recipe for massive action towards the things you WANT to accomplish and a turn away from negative distractions and self-sabotaging behaviors that waste your time
  • A proven way to feel better from the inside out
  • A proven way to make your life more like you want it to be and less like something you think you have to accept
  • A formula to turn ideas and dreams into accomplishment

You’re right…that’s a lot of strategies and tools.

It’s what I believe is the magical combination of ingredients with the right support and accountability from someone who genuinely cares about you achieving your dream life. And it gets better, because you are also getting…

A Formula for Following Through on what matters most to you, Consistently

I’m not talking about following through for a few minutes.
I’m talking about following through all day and every day.

This simple and effective method doesn’t eliminate the hurdles and setbacks from your life (you would never want that), it simply teaches you how to manage it them in a way that doesn’t compound it.

Listen. If you have read blogs, listened to podcasts and signed up for self-help seminars, you are not alone. I have subscribed and read so much written on feeling better, having a better life and achieving my goals.
And that is why I have spent months developing the Follow Thru Formula I give you in this program.

When you learn and use the Follow Thru Formula, three things will happen.

First, you will start to become more conscious in your life. You will start to understand how much control you have over the experiences you have every day. This is really important, because if you think your day is just happening to you, then the feeling of powerlessness you experience will prevent you from making any changes.

This is called CLARITY.

The next thing you will notice is the experience of creating your own feelings. And how knowing what you feel and why you feel it, creates all the results in your life. This knowledge is so powerful because it allows you direct your life through the inevitable hurdles and struggles that come up. Knowing you will have your own back through it all.

This is called CONFIDENCE.

And finally, you will learn how to set a future course for your life. To create your purpose, your PLAN A and then how set your goals accordingly. And you will do it without any struggle, you won’t have to force yourself to do anything. You won’t have to use willpower or suffer in order to get through your day or accomplish your tasks.

This is called FREEDOM.

That’s because of the way the formula and the tools work.
I’ve created Follow Thru Formula using high-value coaching techniques and consciousness-building tools that actually help all of the strategies I teach become automatic with practice.
Yes. You heard that right. You will get to the point where these tools become a part of how you will normally function.

Here Is What You Do Next and Why It Is Not Too Late To Join

  • Decide that you want support, community and accountability to achieve your desired results.
  • The cost of my six month group coaching program is 6 easy payments of $597 or receive one month free by making a single payment of $2,985 (that’s a huge savings of $597).
  • As soon as you sign up below, you will directed to set up your profile, select your payment option and you will get access to my calendar to book your January private coaching call with me. The private coaching call is where we will apply the coaching concepts directly to your life. These calls will be highly individualized and tailored towards what you want to work on that is specific to you. You will then get instructions each month of how to book your future private coaching calls. You will have 6 private coaching calls in total, one per month starting in January.
  • As soon as you sign up, you will receive a confirmation of enrollment into the program and get invited to 6 live video group coaching calls. I will host these teaching calls once a month and the calls will outline the focus for the month and all the concepts that will be supported through the homework exercises. And no worries, if you can’t make a Group Coaching Call because they will all be recorded and sent to you the same day. The schedule for the group calls is 1/10, 2/14, 3/14, 4/11, 5/9, 6/6. (Don’t be worried about the video conferencing if you don’t have a fancy computer with a camera. I have a phone number you can use to call in and just listen simply by phone.)
  • Then you will get an invitation to a special Private Facebook Group with full access to bonus teaching from me and the unlimited benefits of support from a like-minded community of women.

Here Is How The Program Works

Once you have enrolled and received your confirmation, you will get 2 separate calendar invites – one for the monthly group calls and one for the private coaching calls. The you will be invited to join the private Facebook group.

Each month you will receive four things from me:

  1. A live video group teaching call with recording to be sent out the same day
  2. A private coaching call with recording to be sent to you the same day
  3. Weekly teaching, support and celebration in our private Facebook group
  4. An assignment, worksheet, homework or challenge

Yes. You will get group and private coaching, the tools, tons of support, accountability and community support.

And if you are joining after the group call on 1/10/17 – no worries. You will get the recording and a BONUS PRIVATE coaching call with me, so that I can take you through the teaching concepts and make sure that you are up to speed.

And I Am Committed To You For Six Months

When you sign up for the Group Coaching Program, do yourself the biggest favor and go all in for 6 months. I only want to work with people who give me a long-term commitment, and here’s why…

I have noticed that the people who work with me long-term are the exact same ones who get the results they want.

Short term clients get short term fixes. And I’m not interested in that.
I want to get you enough practice with these tools on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, that you don’t even have to struggle to make it happen. It becomes your new normal.

To summarize the details one more time

This is a 6 Month Group Coaching Program that begins in January.

Each month, I will charge your card $597 or I will charge you a one-time payment of $2985 (remember the huge savings of $597 or one month free, if you decide to pay in full).

And if you are joining after the group call on 1/10/17 – no worries. You will get the recording and a BONUS PRIVATE coaching call ($297 value) with me, so that I can take you through the teaching concepts and make sure that you are up to speed. I am committed to you!

In exchange, you will receive the following from me each month:

  • A live video group coaching call with recording to be sent out the same day
  • A private coaching call with recording to be sent to just to you the same day
  • Weekly teaching, support and celebration in our private Facebook group
  • An assignment, worksheet, homework or challenge


I can answer any questions you might have about enrollment process or the program. You can easily access me by email or phone or text.

Please don’t be shy, I love talking to you.
Email: Phone or text: 207-751-7355


I’m so EXCITED to work with you and can’t wait to see you create your best life in 2017!