A Webinar

Discover the Secret to Sustained Self-Care, so you can start taking better care of yourself and live the life you desire.

It’s a MUST ATTEND if you plan to:

Create time to FINALLY treat yourself well


Transform the way way you commit to your self-care, so you can make feeling better in your life, inevitable


Save HUNDREDS of hours and dollars (now spent on ineffective self-care) by confidently knowing how to give yourself exactly what you need

I know this all sounds like a very big promise. And it is.

And if these self-care secrets I’m going to share, weren’t directly responsible for helping me generate more success in my personal and professional life, I wouldn’t be comfortable sharing them with you.

But because these secrets have been so instrumental in the way that I take better care of myself, consistently, I know they can do the same for you!

Here’s what I’ll cover in this class:

What is Genuine Self-Care? I’ll give you a new approach to defining your effective self-care that goes way beyond booking a few spa appointments and an occasional girl’s night out.

 Why Consistent Self-Care Feels so Difficult Despite Your Best Intentions: I’ll share the most common reasons why it’s a struggle and show you THE MOST POWERFUL WAY to make it much easier.

5 Proven Ways to Sustain Self-Care: These are the specific action steps that you will take to ensure lasting self-care.

PLUS! I will be coaching live at the end of the class!

This new class is going to be incredible, packed with insights and lessons – and I personally CANNOT wait to show you how to create consistent self-care, so you can treat yourself with more love and respect, because the better you care for yourself, the faster you can achieve the life you desire.


October 4, 2017 12:00pm EST