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Learn how to enhance and improve your relationship with you, so that everything in your life gets better!

This one day seminar is an amazing opportunity for you. A chance to reconnect to what matters to you, to re-establish what is most important and to get back on track in taking great care of yourself.

If you have been feeling…

  • disconnected
  • resentful
  • numb
  • overwhelmed
  • afraid
  • worried
  • anxious
  • ashamed

You are not alone. Many of us go through life experiencing these feelings. Most of time, these feelings come from not treating ourselves in a loving way. We become more invested in other people. We neglect ourselves. We forget what makes us happy. We fall out of love with ourselves.

I want to teach you how to re-ignite the Self-Love so you can create your life on purpose!

The reason that I know this can help you is because I will teach you the exact strategies and tools I have used to help dozens of private clients cultivate the necessary compassionate and unconditional self-love required to change their lives for the better. It doesn’t matter if you are looking at making big or small changes, cultivating more self-love will help you take better care of yourself before, during and after the growth process and will ensure effective and lasting results!

If you are interested in taking better care of yourself, increasing confidence and motivation, deepening and improving relationships, earning the money you are worth, letting go of limiting beliefs or setting boundaries, this seminar can help you!

I have clients who have used my strategies and tools to build dream businesses, change jobs, meet new partners, lose weight, eliminate anxiety and overwhelm, and most importantly, develop a healthy relationship with themselves allowing them to create the happiness and success they have always wanted.

Here Are Just Some Of The Results That You Can Expect

 An understanding of why we stop loving ourselves

 How to identify self-sabotage and replace it with self-love

 A new perspective on how much power you have in your life through assuming full emotional responsibility

 How to silence your inner critic

 A proven way to feel better from the inside out

 A proven way to make your life more like you want it to be and less like something you think you have to accept

Here Is What You Do Next To Claim Your Spot

The seminar is $97 and you can sign up using the link at the bottom of this page.

Mark your calendar with the seminar date of 3/5/2017.

Grab your journal or notebook and a favorite pen.

You can expect to receive a small homework assignment from me a few days before the seminar – this will help get you ready for the work we will do together in the seminar.

Rest easy know thing that the day of the seminar, you will be taken care of.

Valet parking and a delicious lunch are on me. We will have coffee and tea service all morning.

But with all that being said, there’s ONE thing you need to keep in mind.

Time Is Of The Essence

Space is limited. I would love to invite everyone but unfortunately, there is not enough space to accommodate all those interested. So when the seminar is full, I will be closing it. And this happened before…

Need Even More Information….No Problem

I can answer any questions you might have about what to expect and what the seminar format will be like. You can easily access me by email or phone or text.

Please don’t be shy, I love talking to you.
Email: katie@katiepulsifercoaching.com Phone or text: 207-751-7355

I’m so EXCITED to work with you and can’t wait to help you create an amazing new and positive relationship with yourself!

Seminar will be held in the COMMODORE ROOM at the Hilton Garden Inn, Portland Downtown.

65 Commercial Street | Portland, Maine 207.780.0780

Valet Parking included | Lunch included | $97

Sign Up here: