people-pleasing workshop

Ready for a Relationships Rescue?

Discover Exactly Why People-Pleasing Hurts You More Than it Helps Others! 

Learn Why Most Of Your Relationships Have Rules That They Don’t Want To Follow! 

Uncover Why Many Of Your Relationships Leave You Feeling Like You Need Boundaries! 

Learn the 6 POWERFUL TOOLS to improve any relationship so you can have everything you really want.

Do you feel like you can never say no to other people?

Do you go out of your way to accommodate others?

Is it hard for you to ask for help?

Do you feel responsible for trying to make everyone happy?

Are you always trying to make everything perfect for everyone?

Do you feel like a doormat or that you are constantly being taken for granted?

Have you forgotten what matters to you and what you really care about because you’re so focused on everyone else?

I want to teach you how to quit these negative relationship habits for good so you can…

Create peace in all your relationships

Enforce loving boundaries (only when they are appropriate)

Free yourself from the painful grip of guilt, stress, resentment and frustration

Say no with kindness and compassion

Say yes with genuine generosity

Feel empowered and strong by directing your attention back to you

Become clear, confident and decisive about what you want

The Relationships Rescue Workshop

First, we will increase your awareness of what is really going on in your relationships. We take time to look at your patterns from the outside, without judgment.

Second, we will focus on getting your emotions under control. Emotional responsibility is imperative to make forward progress in relationships.

Third, we get real about how relationships really work. I will give you the tools you need to bring relief and peace to all your relationships.

Finally, change demands massive action. I will teach you how to make commitments and follow through with predictable results towards dropping these negative habits for good.


Join me for lessons, self-reflection, writing, coaching, and creating your powerful action plan of change so you can drop the patterns that hurt your relationships and start investing positive energy into them {for your benefit}.

Freeport, Maine (directions to be provided)

Light refreshments and healthy snacks throughout the day.


For more information: email or 207-751-7355