What if you were to say that everything is exactly how it should be?

Could you accept it?

It takes a tremendous amount of emotional maturity to make a statement like that, especially when you are far away from realizing the dream life that you desire. However, when we take time to reflect and accept that we have all arrived at these current places in our lives because of all of our thoughts, feelings, actions and results, then we can accept total responsibility for creating the life that we have today.

Taking total responsibility is the first step. And it is counter-intuitive to what we habitually do, which is to give credit to others for our success, downplay our achievements by saying that we are just lucky or blaming our past and others for everything that hasn’t worked out.

The truth is always that life is playing out perfectly for us in every moment.

Life is always as it should be even when it is not great and perhaps even very difficult.

The challenging times always provide growth opportunities and infinite lessons, when we allow ourselves to accept them without judgment and blaming others – accepting that our negative thoughts create our negative results 100% of the time.

The amazing times remind us to celebrate our accomplishments with total confidence and ownership – accepting that our positive thoughts create our positive results 100% of the time.

To accept that everything is exactly as it should be, we take the first step by assuming responsibility for all of our thoughts and results,  proving that we are the creators of our current situation. We take the second step when we accept that we are the creators of our future, that anything is possible – that a new future begins in our mind with new thoughts and eventually becomes our new life.