Commitment & Discipline

Welcome to February – the month of commitment and discipline! Many of you created (or tried to create) new routines and rituals in January, either through my 30 Day Self Care Challenge or through your own resolutions for the New Year. February is the time when you will be tested. It is the month when you will consider how committed you are to follow through on what you’ve started. The month when you will evaluate your level of discipline. It’s natural and normal, and believe me, we are all pondering these very same things right now. Here is how I am making sense of it all for myself, as I reflect back to last month and then also look ahead.

What goal did I accomplish in January?
Why did I accomplish it?
How did I feel when I accomplished it?
Am I willing to honor this commitment for another month based on how I felt when I accomplished it?
Is there opportunity to create deeper commitment or discipline?

Where did I struggle to accomplish a goal that I had set in January?
Why did I struggle?
Was I really committed to the goal in the first place?
What would my life be like if I continue to choose to not accomplish this goal?
What do I need to think and feel in order to get back on track with this goal?

As I think through the questions and formulate my answers, I do so without judgement about myself and let go of any old negative stories about my lack of follow-thru, because I know they won’t help me. If I fell short in goal-setting in the past, I become curious about why, and I don’t beat myself up about it. What good would that do? Beating myself up never motivates me to take different action going forward. So, I keep asking myself curiosity questions while withholding judgement, so that I can learn about myself and most importantly, why, when and how I get the results I want. How do I then apply those learnings to commitments where I did not meet my own expectations? The answers to those questions, become the motivation that drives my focus for February, because I am committed to understand how and why I do what I do, and I am disciplined in following through on the commitments that I am truly invested in. In February, I am choosing compassion and curiosity for myself over judgement and mis-aligned expectation.

What will you choose?

What does commitment and discipline in February look like for you?