50% of 2018 is not going to feel great and that’s OK


I’m prepared for 2018. All 12 months, 52 weeks and 365 days of it.

Here we go.

And here’s what I can count on.

50% of 2018 is not going to feel great.

I’m already planning on it. I’m totally prepared.

There are going to be moments, perhaps whole days or an entire week at a time, that I will feel some sort of yucky, terrible feeling.

It’s guaranteed.

I’m planning on feeling frustration, sadness, self-doubt, worry, resentment, fear, insecurity and loneliness.

I’m expecting to feel unsettled, nervous, scared, and embarrassed too.

This knowledge brings me such relief.


Because I’m planning on fully living my human life.

I’m also predicting that 50% of the time, I’m going to feel totally off-the-charts amazing.

I will feel happy, fulfilled, joyful, excited, motivated, inspired, curious, compassionate, loving, peaceful, open, calm, clear and focused.

I will feel strong, forgiving, kind, generous, and confident.

And this knowledge also brings me such relief.

I already know what to expect.

The 50% of 2018 that doesn’t feel great will not be a surprise to me.

It already doesn’t seem like such a big deal, because I’m prepared for it to happen.

I’m not resisting it. Or fighting it.

I’m not planning to feel awful because I don’t feel amazing all the time.

I have decided that I will not chase happiness at all costs because that would mean that I would be giving up the experience of living my whole human life.

It would mean that I would choose the comfortable, easy, feel-good option every time.

And that would guarantee that I would end 2018 in exactly the same place where I began it.

And there’s too much that I want to do in 2018.

Accomplishing my goals…fully living my life…being more of who I want to be…requires that I allow those “50% of the time negative feelings” to be with me.

I accept them as part of my experience. I feel them fully.

They are the indicators that I am on the right path.

They remind me that I am human.

Present. Conscious. Alive. Participating. Growing. Thriving. EVOLVING.

Let’s get prepared for 2018 and all the emotions that will be part of it!

What are you planning to accomplish in 2018?
What will you have to do to make this happen?
What emotions are going to come up for you in the process? List all the positive and negative ones.
Can you imagine allowing the negative emotions to be part of your experience so that you can achieve your goals?
How can you plan to handle that discomfort now?

Are you looking for some extra support getting prepared for 2018 and learning to live with ALL of your emotions?

Why not book a complimentary {no obligation} Breakthrough Session to see how understanding and allowing all your emotions can significantly improve your chances of achieving your goals in 2018!


3 Must Ask Questions to Create an Amazing Morning Routine.

morning routine

How you spend your time in the morning can set the tone for your entire day and there are 3 questions that you must ask yourself if you want to create your day on purpose.


Most of the time we wake up exhausted and then hit the snooze button multiple times.

When we do finally get our eyes open, we grab our phones and jump on Facebook or check our email.

Then we climb out of bed to race around and try to do way too many things without enough time.

We rush through coffee or tea and we make food choices that don’t fuel our bodies properly.

Sometimes we’re grumpy. We snap at family members or they snap at us. We rush off to start our day.

And we feel frantic and scattered. Already behind schedule and racing to catch up.

The day goes on and then we get up and repeat it all over again the next day.

No wonder we are exhausted? It makes sense that we feel so overwhelmed.

Here is a simple strategy to ease the exhaustion and overwhelm.

It starts with a simple morning routine.

Most of us miss the opportunity to take a little quality time for ourselves.

To reflect. To plan. To set an intention.

Take 5-10 minutes to create the day that you want.

A simple morning routine can have a powerful effect on how you show up during the day.

It can literally make all the difference in helping you create a day lived on purpose versus a day that happens by default.


Here is your simple guide to creating your morning routine:

Set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier tomorrow morning.

Place a journal or notebook and pen next to your alarm.

Write a message to yourself on an index card or small piece of paper – this should be a motivating message that will remind you why you are changing your schedule and giving yourself a little extra time in the morning to focus on you. (It can be something like “This is important” or “This matters to me” or “I want to start my day feeling good”). Finally, place this note on top of the journal, so you see it in the morning.

Get up when your alarm goes off. Stay in bed or find a quiet place in the house.

Take a few minutes to think about what kind of day you want to have.

Then, answer these 3 questions in your journal or notebook:

What do I need to do to have this kind of day?

What do I need to feel to make these things happen?

What do I want to think to feel this way?

Read them over a few times to commit them to memory.

There is so much power in those three little questions.

They will help you go from reacting and responding to your day to creating the day you want on purpose.

Directing your mind first thing in the morning will also set you up for feeling clear and intentioned about all your decisions, which will eliminate the exhaustion and overwhelm that you have been experiencing.

15 minutes in the morning can make a significant difference in the way you feel all day. It’s a simple and easy self-care solution that can create a positive effect on your overall wellbeing.

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mental spring cleaning.

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This week marked the first day of Spring and I couldn’t be more ready for a season shift and do a mental spring clean.

I am anxious for the snow to melt and to begin spending more time outside.

There is so much to do, coming out of a dark, cold winter. Lot’s of tidying up, organizing and purging, while preparing for the warmer months ahead.

And lot’s of spring cleaning.

The physical work of cleaning out our homes – shaking off the dust, opening up the windows – letting light and fresh air come inside.

While the earth softens and new growth appears. Raking, pruning and planting outside. A genuine transformation takes place all around us.

And I like to believe that we can use this time to transform too. We can do some necessary and very important spring clean up of our thoughts.

Everything we think is deciding our future.

Right now, all of our thoughts are building, creating and inspiring our future results.

The good thoughts. And the not-so-good thoughts.

Most of us don’t know this.

We think that life just happens to us and we just have to manage our way through it.

Many of us do not know that every outcome we experience starts with a thought.

That is powerful.

Thoughts create results – just as seeds become plants.

We have so much influence over what thoughts we think.

But we forget this.

We believe that we are stuck with the thoughts that we have been thinking for a long time and I want to tell you that this just isn’t true.

We can always change our thoughts.

Thoughts are just sentences running through our minds about what is happening in our lives. They are opinions and impressions and often filled with judgment and negativity, thus producing negative results in our life.

We can plant new thoughts in our minds, just like we plant new seeds in the ground.
We can air out our minds, just like we air out our homes after the long winter.
We can unpack new, inspiring beliefs about ourselves replacing the heavier, protective ones that we have been carrying around for months or years.

It’s time to do some spring cleaning on our minds – especially if you are ready to create new results in your life.

Remember, every outcome begins with a thought.

So what would you like to create this spring?

Are you ready to let go of some old and ‘holding you back’ beliefs?
Are you ready to stop being so hard on yourself?
Are you ready to break a negative habit?
Are you ready to stop being so hard on yourself?
Are you ready to release your past-focused thinking?

Now is the perfect time to awaken change within your mind to allow new results to take shape in your life.

I would argue that mental spring cleaning is just as important as any other work you are planning to do in or outside of your home in the next few weeks and months to get ready for the new season. It is absolutely necessary if you are looking for new outcomes.

And here is some really great news for you…

I would like to offer you a complimentary mental spring cleaning check-up.
All you have to do is schedule a Breakthrough Session with me.  This is a 30-minute complimentary phone call with me to talk about how to clean up your thinking and direct your thoughts towards the future that you want.

It’s easy. You get to spend some time spring cleaning out your thoughts. And together we will discuss how you can become more purposeful and intentioned in directing your new thoughts towards the future you want. And it’s my gift to you. I want you to take as amazing care of your mind as you do your home this spring.

Let’s kick off the new season with renewed focus and energy towards making this an amazing spring. Book your FREE session now.

The Joy List

I love creating a Joy List. I love it because it feels good and reminds me of the things that I love that bring me joy.  The things that I love don’t just show up in my life by accident. I have to give what I love, my attention. I direct my thoughts towards what I love, so that I can have more of it. It’s that simple.

When we don’t give what we love our fullest attention, other things come in and take their place. All of a sudden, we find ourselves spending time on things that don’t mean anything, or are important to someone else, or waste our time. We fill our days with tasks and activities that keep us busy but lack joy producing effects. We trade what we love for Facebook, T.V., hanging out with negative people, eating because of boredom, over-spending, etc. This happens because we just forget to tap into what fuels our joy.

When was the last time that you created a Joy List?

Do you still know what brings you joy?

Do you know that you deserve to have a life filled with joy – things and experiences that you love?

Do yourself the biggest, most generous favor and create a Joy List today. Find out what you love. Reconnect with it. Write down what makes you happy and then find time in your day to give yourself the gift of something from your list. Let go of something from your day that doesn’t make you feel incredible and replace it with something from your Joy List. You will be amazed with the results.

My Joy List this week…

a juicy peach, solitude, an adventure to look forward to, peonies, my daughter whispering in my ear, hot baths, live dance performances, watching the waves, sun on my shoulders, restorative yoga, down pillows, belly laughter, puzzles, holding hands, 30,000+ feet in the air, flamenco music, sushi, gratitudes, paddle-boarding, facials, a fire, family, plan A.

Over and Under

This time of year is both joyous and overwhelming. Filled with traditions and events that we look forward to all year and other obligations that we are less fond of and perhaps, actually dread. We know what’s coming for us. A little celebrating and a whole lot of guilt. A little cheer and connection and a whole lot of negative self talk. A little gift exchanging and a whole lot of time spent minding other people’s business and worrying about being judged.

It’s like we loose track of ourselves during this time of year. We forget to have our own backs. The focus and self control that we possessed for most of the year is now suddenly, gone. Right out the window. We look the other way, instead of right in the mirror. We forget to hold steady. We go Over and we go Under.

We over-promise.
We over-eat.
We over-extend.
We over-spend.
We over-drink.
We under-exercise.
We under-rest.
We under-say no.
We under-mind our own business.
We under-check in with our own thoughts.


Who says it has to go this same way every year?

What if instead, we started each day for the rest of this month asking ourselves…how do I want to feel today? I doubt that any of us would answer that question with – I want to feel broke, hungover and exhausted!


This is a completely reasonable question to ask oneself – how do I want to feel today?

I try to do this every day and I hold myself extra accountable this time of year. I get very clear about how I want to feel, every day. I want to know exactly when I want to hold steady and what that feeling state means for me. I take action from that desired feeling state. I say no from that desired feeling state. I have my own back from that feeling state.

If I choose to go Over and Under, I am feeling Over-joyed and Under-stressed. Over-connected to myself and Under-obligated to things that do not serve me. It’s deliberate. It’s intentional. It’s self care without being selfish. And, it is the greatest gift that I could possibly give myself and others in my life.

Loving myself enough

Loving myself enough to speak my truth 100% of the time.


Loving myself enough to listen patiently and intently while others find their voice.


Loving myself enough to hold space for those that need to fill it.


Loving myself enough to risk being raw and exposed.


Loving myself enough to ask hard questions.


Loving myself enough to trip and fall flat on my face.


Loving myself enough to extend the hand that pulls me back up.


Loving myself enough to go all in when my intuition is activated.


Loving myself enough to invite those I love to come with me.


Loving myself enough to have my own back.


Loving myself enough for the sheer joy of it.