The Joy List

I love creating a Joy List. I love it because it feels good and reminds me of the things that I love that bring me joy.  The things that I love don’t just show up in my life by accident. I have to give what I love, my attention. I direct my thoughts towards what I love, so that I can have more of it. It’s that simple.

When we don’t give what we love our fullest attention, other things come in and take their place. All of a sudden, we find ourselves spending time on things that don’t mean anything, or are important to someone else, or waste our time. We fill our days with tasks and activities that keep us busy but lack joy producing effects. We trade what we love for Facebook, T.V., hanging out with negative people, eating because of boredom, over-spending, etc. This happens because we just forget to tap into what fuels our joy.

When was the last time that you created a Joy List?

Do you still know what brings you joy?

Do you know that you deserve to have a life filled with joy – things and experiences that you love?

Do yourself the biggest, most generous favor and create a Joy List today. Find out what you love. Reconnect with it. Write down what makes you happy and then find time in your day to give yourself the gift of something from your list. Let go of something from your day that doesn’t make you feel incredible and replace it with something from your Joy List. You will be amazed with the results.

My Joy List this week…

a juicy peach, solitude, an adventure to look forward to, peonies, my daughter whispering in my ear, hot baths, live dance performances, watching the waves, sun on my shoulders, restorative yoga, down pillows, belly laughter, puzzles, holding hands, 30,000+ feet in the air, flamenco music, sushi, gratitudes, paddle-boarding, facials, a fire, family, plan A.