mental spring cleaning.

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This week marked the first day of Spring and I couldn’t be more ready for a season shift and do a mental spring clean.

I am anxious for the snow to melt and to begin spending more time outside.

There is so much to do, coming out of a dark, cold winter. Lot’s of tidying up, organizing and purging, while preparing for the warmer months ahead.

And lot’s of spring cleaning.

The physical work of cleaning out our homes – shaking off the dust, opening up the windows – letting light and fresh air come inside.

While the earth softens and new growth appears. Raking, pruning and planting outside. A genuine transformation takes place all around us.

And I like to believe that we can use this time to transform too. We can do some necessary and very important spring clean up of our thoughts.

Everything we think is deciding our future.

Right now, all of our thoughts are building, creating and inspiring our future results.

The good thoughts. And the not-so-good thoughts.

Most of us don’t know this.

We think that life just happens to us and we just have to manage our way through it.

Many of us do not know that every outcome we experience starts with a thought.

That is powerful.

Thoughts create results – just as seeds become plants.

We have so much influence over what thoughts we think.

But we forget this.

We believe that we are stuck with the thoughts that we have been thinking for a long time and I want to tell you that this just isn’t true.

We can always change our thoughts.

Thoughts are just sentences running through our minds about what is happening in our lives. They are opinions and impressions and often filled with judgment and negativity, thus producing negative results in our life.

We can plant new thoughts in our minds, just like we plant new seeds in the ground.
We can air out our minds, just like we air out our homes after the long winter.
We can unpack new, inspiring beliefs about ourselves replacing the heavier, protective ones that we have been carrying around for months or years.

It’s time to do some spring cleaning on our minds – especially if you are ready to create new results in your life.

Remember, every outcome begins with a thought.

So what would you like to create this spring?

Are you ready to let go of some old and ‘holding you back’ beliefs?
Are you ready to stop being so hard on yourself?
Are you ready to break a negative habit?
Are you ready to stop being so hard on yourself?
Are you ready to release your past-focused thinking?

Now is the perfect time to awaken change within your mind to allow new results to take shape in your life.

I would argue that mental spring cleaning is just as important as any other work you are planning to do in or outside of your home in the next few weeks and months to get ready for the new season. It is absolutely necessary if you are looking for new outcomes.

And here is some really great news for you…

I would like to offer you a complimentary mental spring cleaning check-up.
All you have to do is schedule a Breakthrough Session with me.  This is a 30-minute complimentary phone call with me to talk about how to clean up your thinking and direct your thoughts towards the future that you want.

It’s easy. You get to spend some time spring cleaning out your thoughts. And together we will discuss how you can become more purposeful and intentioned in directing your new thoughts towards the future you want. And it’s my gift to you. I want you to take as amazing care of your mind as you do your home this spring.

Let’s kick off the new season with renewed focus and energy towards making this an amazing spring. Book your FREE session now.

Walking Away

Taking impeccable care of myself means that sometimes I have to walk away.

Whether I literally remove myself from a situation – or remove the option to respond in a way that creates more drama.

Sometimes I must consciously quiet my mind – which feels like walking away from negative thoughts.

Sometimes I must silence a negative conversation.

Or stop gossip dead in its tracks.

Or shift bad energy by stepping out of the way, so it passes me by.

When I walk away, I choose not to engage.

Which sometimes is hard for others to understand – as it can feel unfair, rude or disrespectful.

I get that.

And I still walk away.

I do so with love – for myself and for the situation that I am in.

It’s not my job to tell others what to think or say.

Others get to be others. Grownups get to say and do whatever they want.

My only job is to take care of myself (and my daughter) and that means that I get to say and do whatever I want.

I can choose to not give my power away by not engaging in drama, gossip and negativity.

I can risk being misunderstood or talked about.

I can walk away whenever I feel that it is my best option.

Impeccable self-care means I have total freedom.

Freedom to stay empowered.

Freedom to say no.

Freedom to stay silent.

Freedom to walk away, whenever it is my best option.

Fear wreaks Havoc

Yesterday, I sent out my weekly motivation email to my subscriber list. It was all about fear – that powerful force that often holds us back from realizing our dreams. The email went out at 8:00 a.m. and by 8:10 when I was putting gas in my car, my best friend texted me and said I had a typo. Ugh. Crap.

I had written “fear reeks havoc” when I actually meant to say “fear wreaks havoc”. Immediately, I could feel THE FEAR start to consume me – the fear of being judged by my subscribers for being careless with my content, or even worse, not being smart. Fear that because I made a mistake, then I couldn’t possibly be perceived as a capable and qualified life coach.

Would people unsubscribe?  

Would they write me off?  

Would I go out of business?

I decided I had a choice. A choice with my thoughts. That in every mistake there is also a lesson and I didn’t have to let THE CRAZY FEAR get the best of me. I texted back my best friend and told her that I had just made a decision – that I decided that I used the word “reek” on purpose. Because fear does reek! It smells horrible! It also tastes horrible, looks horrible and feels horrible!

Fear suffocates dreams. Fear keeps us small and safe. Fear blocks us from having everything that we really desire.

By the time I was finished at the gas station, I had shifted my thoughts from fear and worse case scenario thinking to acceptance and best case scenario thinking. It took less than 5 minutes to make that thought shift. Imagine, if I hadn’t done it? I would have spent the entire day in worry and fear about something that might never happen (being judged, losing subscribers, losing credibility). What a waste of a day that could have been!

I share this as a reminder that we all have the power to manage our thinking. If we let it, fear will come in and try to take over, every time. It will try to mess with our minds, delay our dreams and shut down our desires. I want to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. Every minute of every day – we all get to control our thoughts, which ultimately create our feelings and inspire the actions and results in our lives. We get to choose what we think.

So the next time that you feel THE FEAR creeping in. Breathe. Check your thinking. Is there a shift that you can make to move you out of fear and into a place of acceptance and compassion? Can you move from fear to love? From that place, you can take inspired action towards your dreams!