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Our time. Our money. Our attention.
These are all ways that we make investments.

If you are trying to figure out what matters most in your life, then all you have to do is look at where you spend your time, money and attention. You invest in what is really important, right? Yes, most of the time this true. We spend time, money and give our attention to our home, job, education, family and volunteering. We devote hours, dollars and focus to these things. In doing so, we tell ourselves and those around us, that these things are important. They matter. These are investments that we are willing to make and they are worth it.

On the flip side, there are other investments that we make that I would consider to be indulgent investments – the giving of our time, money and attention, more out of habit, obligation or fear. We throw our time, our money and our attention at things for the wrong reasons – because we are disconnected from what we really want. We allow ourselves to be externally influenced, to follow a trend, to stick with tradition, afraid to say no or to disappoint – whatever the reason, we often end up squandering our investment for experiences and things that ultimately do not serve us.

So how can you tell the difference between indulging and investing?

Here are some examples of what indulging looks and feels like.
Closets filled with clothes we never wear
Eating more food than we need to fuel our bodies
Eating to feel something or to suppress emotion
Not getting enough sleep because we over-commit our evenings
Debt or lack of money in the bank account
General daily overwhelm
Not enough time or money to do what we really want to do
Saying “I don’t know” a lot

Here are some examples of what investing can look and feel like.
Organized and clutter-free spaces
Eating to satisfy the sensation of hunger
Getting consistent sleep
Knowing your money – what you have and how you invest
Alone time to re-charge
Daily routine that includes favorite exercise or activities
More than enough time and money to spend on what matters most
Knowing what you want
Having a future plan
Here’s how shift from indulging your time, money and attention towards investing your time, money and attention.

Ask yourself WHY? This is the most powerful question you can possibly ask yourself to begin to understand the patterns, habits and behaviors that you have developed. “Why” helps you uncover the thoughts that trigger all the results that you have in your life. “Why” will reveal your back-story, your reasons and show you what you think. This is the place to get to, in order to be able to make a shift towards investment. It can take some time and patience to uncover the deepest thoughts, but I promise that this investment will be very worth it!

Be compassionate. Once you are able to understand why you think what you think and therefore, indulge instead of invest, it’s time to be as compassionate with yourself as possible. Guilt, shame and rejecting yourself, will never inspire change towards investment. Compassion and self-love will always inspire change. If you want to move from indulging towards investing, then treat yourself like you would treat your best friend, with kindness, understanding and compassion for past decisions. Patience, support and love will move into a new way of thinking and acting – from indulging to investing.

Money Story.

Most people say “they can’t afford something” but the truth is they do not fully believe that they deserve to invest in what they desire. There is more than enough money for all us. We don’t have to feel stuck because of money and we are not defined by our financial circumstances.

Here is how I changed my money story in 3 easy steps.

1. Look at your money every day.
If you are not willing to look at it and manage it with confidence, you are demonstrating that you believe in lack and scarcity. How can you expect more money to flow into your life when you ignore the money that you currently have? When you decide to look at your money daily, you empower yourself and create an opportunity to have more of it in your life. Your money wants your attention. The goal is to stop ignoring your money and to start feeling good and grateful for the money that you do have.

2. Let go of money worry.
Constantly worrying and obsessing is not going to do anything positive about changing your money situation. It may feel like you are trying to do something to change your money story, but truthfully, you are not. You are just worrying. Instead, move into calm and confident energy – then make a list of 50 ways you can earn & save more money. Believe that it is possible and then challenge yourself to take action on your list every day.

3. Change your money language.
Do yourself a big favor and stop staying: “I can’t afford that” and “I don’t have enough money”. This negative language confirms the fact that you are in money struggle and creates greater chances that you will continue to be. Choose your words carefully and connect with your desired money vision. Instead, empower yourself and say “I am choosing to take new action to bring more money in” and “I am choosing to not spend my money on this right now” and “With this money, I am investing in myself”.

If you want to invest in yourself to transform your life or business, you simply have to choose your greatest vision of yourself and fully feel it. Wealth begins as a state of mind. Use these three steps to get your thoughts aligned, then you will begin to see the evidence of what is possible.