3 Must Ask Questions to Create an Amazing Morning Routine.

morning routine

How you spend your time in the morning can set the tone for your entire day and there are 3 questions that you must ask yourself if you want to create your day on purpose.


Most of the time we wake up exhausted and then hit the snooze button multiple times.

When we do finally get our eyes open, we grab our phones and jump on Facebook or check our email.

Then we climb out of bed to race around and try to do way too many things without enough time.

We rush through coffee or tea and we make food choices that don’t fuel our bodies properly.

Sometimes we’re grumpy. We snap at family members or they snap at us. We rush off to start our day.

And we feel frantic and scattered. Already behind schedule and racing to catch up.

The day goes on and then we get up and repeat it all over again the next day.

No wonder we are exhausted? It makes sense that we feel so overwhelmed.

Here is a simple strategy to ease the exhaustion and overwhelm.

It starts with a simple morning routine.

Most of us miss the opportunity to take a little quality time for ourselves.

To reflect. To plan. To set an intention.

Take 5-10 minutes to create the day that you want.

A simple morning routine can have a powerful effect on how you show up during the day.

It can literally make all the difference in helping you create a day lived on purpose versus a day that happens by default.


Here is your simple guide to creating your morning routine:

Set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier tomorrow morning.

Place a journal or notebook and pen next to your alarm.

Write a message to yourself on an index card or small piece of paper – this should be a motivating message that will remind you why you are changing your schedule and giving yourself a little extra time in the morning to focus on you. (It can be something like “This is important” or “This matters to me” or “I want to start my day feeling good”). Finally, place this note on top of the journal, so you see it in the morning.

Get up when your alarm goes off. Stay in bed or find a quiet place in the house.

Take a few minutes to think about what kind of day you want to have.

Then, answer these 3 questions in your journal or notebook:

What do I need to do to have this kind of day?

What do I need to feel to make these things happen?

What do I want to think to feel this way?

Read them over a few times to commit them to memory.

There is so much power in those three little questions.

They will help you go from reacting and responding to your day to creating the day you want on purpose.

Directing your mind first thing in the morning will also set you up for feeling clear and intentioned about all your decisions, which will eliminate the exhaustion and overwhelm that you have been experiencing.

15 minutes in the morning can make a significant difference in the way you feel all day. It’s a simple and easy self-care solution that can create a positive effect on your overall wellbeing.

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Over and Under

This time of year is both joyous and overwhelming. Filled with traditions and events that we look forward to all year and other obligations that we are less fond of and perhaps, actually dread. We know what’s coming for us. A little celebrating and a whole lot of guilt. A little cheer and connection and a whole lot of negative self talk. A little gift exchanging and a whole lot of time spent minding other people’s business and worrying about being judged.

It’s like we loose track of ourselves during this time of year. We forget to have our own backs. The focus and self control that we possessed for most of the year is now suddenly, gone. Right out the window. We look the other way, instead of right in the mirror. We forget to hold steady. We go Over and we go Under.

We over-promise.
We over-eat.
We over-extend.
We over-spend.
We over-drink.
We under-exercise.
We under-rest.
We under-say no.
We under-mind our own business.
We under-check in with our own thoughts.


Who says it has to go this same way every year?

What if instead, we started each day for the rest of this month asking ourselves…how do I want to feel today? I doubt that any of us would answer that question with – I want to feel broke, hungover and exhausted!


This is a completely reasonable question to ask oneself – how do I want to feel today?

I try to do this every day and I hold myself extra accountable this time of year. I get very clear about how I want to feel, every day. I want to know exactly when I want to hold steady and what that feeling state means for me. I take action from that desired feeling state. I say no from that desired feeling state. I have my own back from that feeling state.

If I choose to go Over and Under, I am feeling Over-joyed and Under-stressed. Over-connected to myself and Under-obligated to things that do not serve me. It’s deliberate. It’s intentional. It’s self care without being selfish. And, it is the greatest gift that I could possibly give myself and others in my life.

What Is Self Care?

Here’s what I used to think that it meant.

  • Eat semi-healthy foods
  • Drink enough water
  • Get a reasonable amount of sleep
  • Exercise (only if I have to)
  • Resist a second glass of wine on a Tuesday night
  • Wear sunscreen

Practically speaking, yes, daily self care does include these things. Attention focused on our bodies. We need nourishment, hydration, sleep and exercise to exist and contribute productively in this world. So the body usually gets our attention. On a good day, we might also find time to be outside, relax, get a massage and forget about looming work deadlines.

What about our minds? When do they get the attention that they deserve?

Our minds tend to get a little forgotten along the way, burdened with schedules and deadlines, bills and money, the past and the future, what couldn’t have been, what everyone else has.

Our unmanaged minds leap from our bodies constantly, chasing the external – the validation from others, the comparisons to others, learning patterns and behaviors that work for others. We effort against it and yet the draw of the external seems to slay us, every time.

I used to think that this is the way it worked. Focus on physical self care daily, get the basic (I mean, BASIC) plan done (and don’t take up too much time doing it, because someone may really need you) and it will be a pretty good day.

But seriously, who ever wants a pretty good day?

My poor neglected mind. It was dehydrated and starving. It can’t subsist on paying bills, managing schedules, the past, worry about the future. It’s needs way more!


Our minds crave management and direction – not just about worry, stress and the to-do list – they want to spend time dreaming up happiness schemes and solving interesting problems that actually enhance our lives and make us feel good.

Our minds need our attention. Daily. We get to decide what we want to think. And the best part of this is, that we can choose to think positive thoughts!

My new daily self-care routine looks a lot like the list above, thankfully, without the exercise resistance. It also includes all-day thought attention. I do an inventory of my thoughts, from the minute I wake up until I go to bed. I am making sure that my mind is aligned with the goals that I have for a healthy lifestyle and successful business. I make sure that mind is trying to solve problems that actually enhance my life, not someone else’s. When I sense that my mind is going for a detour and looking for distraction in someone else’s life, I reign it back in. It’s not always easy, in the same way that getting to bed on time or getting to gym to work out can be really hard. I get it. But the gift of caring for our mind and our thoughts has a huge positive impact on daily self care routines.