Goals. Part 1

There is a lot of focus on goals right now. The time when we make our resolutions for the new year. Our promises to ourselves to do better. We begin full of hope and promise. We are excited because this is the year that we will commit! Unlike every other year, this will be year that we will follow through! And inside there is a tiny little voice already laughing and saying “here we go again”. Strong start and poor finish. Every time.

We all have great intentions. We are intelligent and highly competent. We have exciting careers. We are raising families. We are kind people. We get so much done in a day. We’ve got this. We are ready. This year will be different. Right?

So why do we set New Year’s resolutions? What are we hoping to achieve anyway?

We set goals because we want to feel better. The desire to feel good is a very powerful motivator. So why is sticking to our resolutions so hard?

I believe that the reason that we struggle with the following through part, is because we fail to really connect to how we are going to feel when we accomplish the goals that we set for ourselves. We don’t visualize ourselves as the person who achieves what we set out to do. We don’t get to know that future version of ourselves who truly feels better.

So how do we do this?

Identify your top goals for 2016. Then ask yourself these questions for each goal.

Why is this goal important to me?

How will I feel when I have achieved it?

Who will I be after I have accomplished this goal?

What will I be capable of after I have achieved this goal?

What do I need to think about myself in order to make accomplishing this goal possible?

What am I willing to do each month, each week and each day to stay committed to this goal?

What am I willing to give up in order to support achieving this goal?

Who will support me if I struggle to maintain focus on this goal?

Now it’s time for me to follow my own advice. Off to write my 2016 resolutions and goals. In Goals. Part 2, I will share my answers to these questions. I want to make sure that I follow through on what is important to me, all year long.