Change Your Story

We all have stories.

Stories from our pasts that shape and define who we are today.

Stories that help explain and justify how we ended up where we are, doing what we do.

Stories that sometimes give us an excuse for not meeting our full potential.

Stories that keep our drama from the past, very alive in our present.

Stories that are full of blame.

Stories that keep us being the victim.

Stories that hold a lot of power over us.

And we think that this is the only way that stories work.

That they were written for us. Forever bound to us. Defining who we are now and in the future, permanently.

Until we learn that our stories can change.

All stories are made of up of two things: facts & opinions of those facts.

The facts hold true over time – dates, times, places, events and what people said or did.

The opinions of those facts are just that – opinions. They are not truth. They may look like truth, feel like truth, but still they are only opinions of truth.

The opinions of facts can always evolve, shift and transform.

We get to change our stories anytime we want to, especially when our stories is keeping us trapped, small, afraid and stuck.

We can change our minds. We can see things differently. We can alter our perspectives. We can grow up. We can forgive. We can heal. We can let go. We can stop blaming. We can assume responsibility. We can tell a new story.

Anytime we want.

We can use our stories to inspire, motivate, encourage, teach and expand.

That is powerful.

That is freedom.

Change your story. Change your life.