Creating Focus.

The power of focus has taught me how to increase success in my life and business. In order to meet my goals personally and professionally, I have learned to focus my time and attention on only the activities that will bring my desired results. This means bringing my attention to my center, concentrating on one thing intently in order to gain clarity. Clarity fuels my focus. Focus combined with commitment and consistency creates momentum; and momentum creates more momentum, which eventually leads to success.

If you want to have more fun, grow your business, lose weight, or improve your relationship with yourself or someone else but find yourself distracted, then it’s time to bring the power of focus into your life. When you teach yourself to focus on one goal or opportunity at a time not only will you be much more productive, you’ll learn incredible things about yourself.

Distraction blocks our creativeness and inner greatness from emerging. It’s hard to focus and complete what we set out to do when we are highly distracted. Take a look at what you’re doing right now. Ask yourself three simple questions and see what your level of focus is.

  • Do you generate so many new ideas that you never implement or don’t finish one idea to completion?
  • At the end of the day do you feel as though you haven’t accomplished anything meaningful towards your most heart-felt goals?
  • Do often wonder where all the time has gone?

We are all creative beings and we want to pursue many paths at once. However, when we expend our energy in too many directions it weakens the power of focus. Is there a project, goal or opportunity that is in need of your devoted attention right now?

List out your top three priorities. Preplan your schedule with your priorities in mind. Block out focused time to attend to these three priorities every day. Consistently remind yourself why these priorities matter. Be grateful for your power of focus (especially as you are learning to become more focused). Commit to practicing this new routine throughout the day, every day. The momentum will build and you will create new results.

Honor your priorities and desire for creating better results in your life and apply the power of focus starting today. Don’t wait until tomorrow or it won’t happen. Your life needs your attention and focus now.

Holding Back.

Do you question whether you are holding yourself back in your life?

If you are asking yourself this on a regular basis, then chances are pretty clear that you are.

Remind yourself that now is always the right time, the perfect time to step out of procrastination and into the life that you want. Why? Because, your life is now — not later.

Many people believe that they have to wait for the right time to start, but the truth is that there is always some underlying fear holding them back. If you find yourself waiting for the fear to go away – chances are, you’ll be waiting a long time. Instead, get curious and honest about what fears you may have. Understanding the reasons why you are holding yourself back will empower you, enable you to end it, and let you get back on track.

You can also turn this holding back & procrastination cycle around by identifying your top priorities. Start this week. What matters most to you and why? Then begin to take small steps towards actualizing those priorities. Many small steps can create the greatest impact of change. An just because you don’t know exactly how to start or what to do isn’t the problem. The absence of priorities combined with fear is the problem.  Taking small steps will help you create a path forward. It will allow you to step through your fear and replace procrastination with action.

I cannot stress enough the importance of getting a clear picture of your top priorities and aligning your energy and actions with them. The truth is that you have everything you need to get your life moving forward. Take action and be productive, rather than holding back and waiting.

When I coach clients and help them to reconnect with their true desires, they can instantly get clarity, define their priorities, and move right out of procrastination. When you truly align with what you desire you will be amazed at how resourceful you become.

Consider the reasons holding you back from what you truly want. Ask yourself: Is it fear? Are you happy with your surroundings? Is it your attitude? Are you letting your mood rule your life? Do you know what your priorities are? Once you have pinpointed the problem and gotten clear about what matters most to you, you can move onto creating the solution.