The Upside of Risk-Taking


Some people are great at risk-taking. They thrive on pursuing what they want, despite big challenges or even danger.

Trying new things seems to come more easily to them. They appear to be fearless. Uber confident. Or completely insane.

They seem care-free and unburdened. Always up for an adventure. Completely willing to try new things.

And always answering, “YES!!!! Let’s do this!”

I used to admire and simultaneously fear risk-takers.

Who are these people? I wondered.
What did they I have that I didn’t have?
Was it a special gene that I just wasn’t born with?

Where does that all that fearlessness come from?

I always knew that had a tiny risk-taker inside of me.

But I also learned how to silence her.

She was inconvenient. Restless and unpredictable. She wanted to mess with my perfectly thoughtful and careful planning.

How dare her?

I wanted to be in control.
And to stay safe.
Numb the fear.
Danger was to be avoided at all costs, no matter what.

But, here’s what I have learned about safety and fear and danger.

Safety is easy. Fear is necessary. And danger is a myth.

The truth is that there’s very little in our everyday lives, that is actually dangerous.

We have homes. And clothes to keep us warm. There is more than enough food to eat. There is clean water. We have heat, drug stores, phones, and jobs. We have education, pets to love, medicine and bank accounts.

We are safer than we think.

Now that’s not to say that a lot of things feel huge and scary and totally impossible, but this is different than dangerous.

Fear trips us up all the time. Our brains get super confused by fear.

Our ‘fight or flight brains’ try to tell us that everything is DANGEROUS and that we must avoid, stay away and protect against danger and the possibility of suffering harm or injury.

Fear is necessary. For growth and change and evolution.
And fear does mean the same thing as danger.

Fear is an emotion. Plain and simple. Fear is a vibration that passes through our bodies that usually feels uncomfortable. Despite what we believe, there is no physical harm with feeling the emotion of fear.

And yet, fear is the biggest excuse we use to not take risks, make a change, pursue a dream, to fall in love, to make more money, to follow our passion.

We also use the excuse of fear justify procrastination, over-eating, avoiding, complaining, gossiping, self-doubt and indecision.


Stay comfortable. Stay familiar. Stay predictable.

Everything that we really want is just on the other side of fear.

The best way I know to work with fear in pursuit of growth and change is to acknowledge that fear is necessary and danger is a myth.
Fearlessness takes practice.
The best way to practice is to challenge yourself to do something uncomfortable.
Dare yourself. Unleash your inner risk-taker.
It bolsters self-confidence and courage, which builds the muscle of working with fear in your future.

Everything that you really want is on the other side of fear and fear is just an emotion. Feeling the emotion of fear is not dangerous.

Make a sales call.
Ask for raise.
Schedule some time for yourself.
Go to an event, alone.
Say no.
Sign up for a class.
Start the first chapter of your book.
Say, I love you, first.
Volunteer to speak in public.
End a toxic relationship.

Notice how these things are not dangerous. They are just tasks that seem hard because of an uncomfortable feeling. Don’t let your brain fool you. It wants to protect you from danger.

I want you to have what you want and not to let a little fear get in your way of having it.

I want you to say “YES! Let’s do this!”

Set your inner risk-taker free. I dare you!

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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

When was the last time that you stepped out of your comfort zone and did something unexpected?

It is very easy to play it safe – to stay comfortable and to not risk anything. We like to predict endings. We like to control outcomes. This tendency keeps us within our comfort zone.

The challenge with the comfort zone is that we don’t get to learn anything new about ourselves when we stay there. Our life results are consistently the same, which proves our thoughts about avoiding risk, playing it safe to be consistently the same. The cycle continues.

When we step out of our comfort zones, we enter the area of unknowing. It can test our resiliency and strength. Outside the comfort zone gives our minds new things to think about. Creative problem-solving is activated and our bodies are flooded with new thoughts and feelings and it can be very uncomfortable. And it is also where the vulnerable fun is. Yes, I just said vulnerable fun! Being vulnerable means not having all the answers all the time, not always having to be right, being in uncharted territory, being messy and a little scared. What’s not fun about that? It can be so exhausting and stressful to be so predictable and perfect and comfortable and safe. Being vulnerable means releasing the pressure valve a little bit, letting go and trusting that everything will be ok. It is also an amazing chance to see ourselves in new ways. The chance to fail and try again, the chance to experiment with new belief systems. A chance to grow, evolve and get closer to our dreams.

Being vulnerable invites us outside the comfort zone and into opportunity.

If you feel like the walls around your comfort zone are closing in on you, consider these questions:

  • What are you denying yourself because you are staying in your comfort zone?
  • What dream are you postponing because of a fear of possibly being uncomfortable?
  • How could your life be different if you chose to boldly step out of your comfort zone?
  • What could you learn about yourself if you were willing to choose opportunity?

Staying in your comfort zone is optional. Choosing to step out, means that anything is possible.