Protect Your Yes

Saying yes…

So simple and easy to say.
And it often obligates us. And it can complicate things.

How often do you say yes, when you would actually prefer to say no?

A friend needs a favor and the timing is actually terrible for you, but you don’t want to let them down.
Someone serves you a second helping and you eat it when you are not hungry because you don’t want to be rude.
You purchase something that you don’t actually need and can’t afford, because you are uncomfortable saying no.

Saying yes is too often our default answer and it has the potential to do damage and harm. This simple word can compel us to turn our back on ourselves, because we don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings or disappoint them. Essentially we would rather hurt our own feelings when we answer with yes, but are thinking no. We give away our precious time, put food into our body that we actually don’t need, or spend money instead saving it for what we really want.

It is possible to protect your yes.

It means slowing down, giving yourself time to consider your answer carefully.

It means having an understanding that saying no may let someone down, but their experience of disappointment is all about them and that they are entitled to feel anything they want to.

It means being willing to be a little uncomfortable with someone’s reaction in exchange for not disappointing yourself.

It means keeping your commitment to yourself in regards to your time, your money or how much you eat.

It means honoring your truth and standing up for yourself.

It means being genuine.

It means not complicating your life with external obligation to others.

Protecting your yes means you are protecting you.